Air Marshal Leo Davies has been bestowed the Legion of Honour [fr]

On the 13th of September 2018, Air Marshal Leo Davies has been bestowed the Legion of Honour during a ceremony hosted by the Ambassador of France to Australia, H.E. Christophe Penot.

JPEG During a ceremony held at the Residence of the French Embassy, Air Marshal Leo Davies, Chief of the Royal Australian Air Force, has been bestowed the Legion of Honour from H.E Christophe Penot Ambassador of France to Australia. His family as well as officers from the RAAF were invited, including deputy Vice-Marshal Gavin Turnbull, and Air Commander Vice-Marsh Steven Roberton.

JPEG As highlighted by the Ambassador, the awarding of this medal is a most solemn occasion and above all an opportunity for France to recognise both the exceptional merits of Leo Davies and his invaluable contribution to France over many years. During his speech, Ambassador Penot praised Leo Davies’s career within the RAAF.

Indeed, Air Marshal Leo Davies has a led a truly exceptional career, joining the armed forces in 1979 and occupying multiple roles from then on, like flying the P3 Orion for maritime surveillance operations and becoming a fighter pilot operating the F-111. He was also appointed to major positions, such as squadron commanding officer, Commanding Officer of a Wing and eventually Staff Officer at strategic positions within the RAAF headquarters.

JPEG Leo Davies has always been devoted to strengthening the relationship between our Air Forces, in particular he greatly contributed to and organised the cooperation regarding the Multi Role Tanker Transport KC30-A. Thanks to this close cooperation, a French pilot is now currently flying within the KC30-A squadron.

In addition, three French Rafale recently flew to Australia to participate in the air exercise Pitch Black (Northern Territory), following the invitation extended by the Chief of the Air Force Leo Davies himself, last year.

JPEG Proudly wearing the red medal, Leo Davies emphasised the strong brotherhood of arms between French and Australian soldiers. He also stressed how French and Australian soldiers fought side by side during World War I, and how today, they continue to fight alongside each other against Daesh.

During the ceremony he expressed not only his immense pride to be bestowed with Legion of Honour, but also his assurance that together our armed forces will become stronger and face future threats, to ensure peace and security, especially when it comes to the global and regional challenges we share.


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