Benowa State High School’s French-Australian bilingual program awarded the “Label FrancEducation” accreditation [fr]

The Label FrancEducation accreditation was awarded for the first time to Benowa State High School in Queensland (the third time in Australia after Killarney Heights Public School in New South Wales and Camberwell Primary School in Victoria) in recognition of its bilingual English-French Program which began in 1985.

It is the first secondary school to be accredited and is also the first school to be accredited in Queensland.


The official ceremony took place on May 9 2016 in the presence of Mr. Eric Soulier, the Cultural and Cooperation Counsellor, and Ms. Louise Roudil, Education Program Officer, both members of the Embassy of France in Australia. All French Immersion Program staff and students from Years 7 to 10 were present, as well as the Year 11 and 12 students (approximately 1000 students).


Benowa State High School has operated a French Immersion Program since 1985 and has been acclaimed throughout Australia and internationally as having the most successful model in extension studies and language education.

The French Immersion Program is aligned with the Australian National Curriculum, however 60% of courses are taught in French (Mathematics, Science, History, Geography and French). The majority of students who enter the program have never learned French before. The course has been designed for non-native French speakers. During the first six weeks of Year 7, students undertake an intensive language course in which they learn the basics of the French language that they need to cope in the classroom and to understand the teacher’s instructions.

The Academic French Immersion Program is for students from Year’s 7 to 10. Students are able to continue studying French in Year’s 11 and 12 (French Extension).

For further information regarding Benowa State High School’s bilingual program, please visit this page.

What is the Label FrancÉducation accreditation?

Created in 2012, the Label FrancEducation accreditation is awarded by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs to broad-based educational institutions which offer French speaking bilingual streams focused on excellence. The selection criteria are quite demanding. In May 2016, the network of Label FrancEducation accredited schools gathers 91 schools in 26 countries.The accreditation enables teachers and schools to take advantage of a worldwide network of schools with which they can share resources, methodology and programs.

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