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If you have to apply in person in Sydney (majority of the situation, take notice of the peak season that can delay your application.

Each applicant must book an appointment, including for children, whatever their age.

However, for cruises (short stay) visa to New Caledonia and french Polynesia, you have to apply exclusively by post-mail.

Choose a date and time at your convenience on the online appointment system (appointments can’t be given by phone or at the counter as it is a web-only system) to submit your application at our counter.

You will have to print out the appointment receipt (with Adobe acrobat reader) that will be asked on you arrival at the Consulate to let you in.

Once you have secured your appointment, you will be expected to show up in person at the place and time specified. If you are late, the visa section might not be able to receive you anymore and might therefore ask you to rebook a new appointment online.

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|You can’t find an appointment ?

  • The online visas booking system is run on a 60 days period : you can book an appointment upto 2 months in advance.
  • When time slots are greyed out, it means that all appointments have been taken for theses dates. When a month is fully booked, it no longer appears and the month selection arrow can not be activated.
  • However, cancellations occur on a regular basis and slots are released each week for the following week; so make sure to check the online booking system frequently.

You need to cancel or reschedule an existing appointment?

  • As a courtesy to other applicants and Visa Officers, applicants unable to attend a confirmed interview should amend or cancel their appointment via the online booking system.
  • Go back to the section “scheduling an appointment”.Click the category where you previously scheduled your appointment then select “revoir son rendez-vous”. You will be able to cancel it and choose another convenient appointment.

Dernière modification : 16/11/2017

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