Call for projects: two new successful "Choose France short programs" [fr]

This initiative is aimed at supporting short programs, co-organised by French and Australian universities, on topics of interest shared by both countries.

Each project will benefit from the label of “Creative France Short Program” and receive funding to the amount of € 4000 from the Embassy.
The successful projects in 2020 are:

Aus-France Electrochemical and Hydrogen Energy Doctoral Summer Training School

University of New South Wales / CNRS

The Doctoral Training School to equip the participating students with advanced knowledge in the field of electrochemical storage and hydrogen energy. With this fundamental knowledge it is expected that the students will be able to attend and follow advanced talks presented by national and international speakers at the Energy Future Conference on the latest developments in the field.

Languages and Cultures renewal in French Polynesia

University of Western Australia / Université de Polynésie française

This project will give Australian and Polynesian students the opportunity to meet, explore, reflect and discuss the issues of identity, language maintenance and traditional culture revival of the Peoples of Polynesia

Dernière modification : 23/04/2020

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