Chancellery [fr]

The Chancellery consists of the team of advisors that assists the Ambassador, the official representative of the French government in Australia in all areas, with all his functions. The role of the political advisors is to, under the responsibility of the Ambassador, inform the French government of the evolution in the political, economic and social situations in Australia as it relates to France and its interests, to explain and put forward French positions and to work with Australian authorities to pursue common objectives on the international stage. The political advisors carry out their duties in close collaboration with the Embassy’s other services, which they coordinate. In the case that the Ambassador is absent, the first political counsellor fulfils their role as head of mission in the role of a ‘Chargé d’Affaires’.

Chancellery contact details:

Tel: (02) 6216 0100
Fax: (02) 6216 0127

Dernière modification : 16/03/2017

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