Climate – End of the COP23 talks (Bonn, Nov. 6-17) [fr]

COP23 made it possible to make progress on issues related to the implementation of the Paris Agreement. France commends the efficient and constructive conduct of the negotiations by the Fijian presidency, which helped reaffirm the seriousness and reality of climate change challenges for the most vulnerable populations.

The negotiations resulted in initial draft texts on all of the guidelines for implementing the Paris Agreement. The legislation to implement the Paris Agreement should be finalized and adopted by COP24, due to take place in 2018 in Katowice, in Poland.

In addition, significant progress was made on several issues. A decision on loss and damage, a gender action plan and a platform for local communities and indigenous peoples were adopted.

Now that this has been achieved, work should be stepped up on several fronts:
- the negotiation of a finalized body of all guidelines for implementing the Paris Agreement next year;
- climate efforts, with all states and civil society actors needing to redouble their efforts to limit global warming and its impacts;
- financing, since the commitments made by developed countries must be upheld in order to support the transition in developing countries and the most vulnerable populations.

In order to increase the level of ambition, the Moroccan and Fijian COP presidencies launched the Talanoa Dialogue, a facilitative dialogue adopted during COP21. This dialogue will be initiated in January 2018 and will allow for an initial assessment of the efforts made and will encourage the parties to increase the level of ambition of their national commitments. This dialogue will take into account the efforts made by states within the framework of the Paris Agreement and during the pre-2020 period, as well as the efforts of non-state actors. The results of the IPCC Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5°C, due to be delivered in September 2018, will play a key role in this dialogue.

Furthermore, COP23 reflects the commitment of the actors working within the framework of the Agenda Action: publication of the Yearbook, an overview of the Marrakesh Partnership, Poland’s designation of its COP24 champion, Tomasz Chruszczow, and a large number of events organized by or with France, including events devoted to the International Solar Alliance, the Climate Risk and Early Warning Systems (CREWS) initiative and the CAFI initiative on Central African forests, as well as the launch of new initiatives such as the alliance to phase out coal and the InsuResilience Global Partnership.

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