Collect your passport

Can I receive my passport back by post mail ?


- You can receive your passport back by post mail, provided you supplied an Express Post Platinum envelop with your address on it.

If you choose this convenient option, you must understand that it is at your own risk and that the consulate can’t take any responsability if the envelop is lost or damaged.

When can I collect my passport ?

- For applicants who did not wish their passport to be sent back by post, their passport will be available for pick up, only on Tuesday or Thursday between 9am and 12am, without an appointment.

If you collect your passport in person, you must bring

- a copy of your passport data page;

- the receipt given to you by the visa officer

If you want someone else to collect your passport, he must bring

- a copy of the visa applicant’s passport page (with the personal data)

- a copy of the visa applicant’s identification card (which must be signed in original by the applicant as an authentication of that copy)

- the receipt given to the applicant by the visa officer

- The representative identification card and a copy of that document which will be kept in the visa file

- A document signed in original by the applicant authorizing the representative to retrieve his passport on his behalf.

Dernière modification : 29/12/2015

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