Consular services provided by the Embassy in Canberra [fr]

The Embassy provides the following consular services in Canberra:

- issuing of diplomatic and official visas, both short and long stay*;

- providing information for foreign nationals wishing to travel to France or its overseas departments and territories;

- issuing "certificats de vie" to pensioners (for further information - in French - click here);

- responding to questions from the ACT French community (approximately 400 registered) or French nationals passing through, on questions of a consular nature;

- assistance in organising polling booths for presidential elections, European elections, and referendums.

- issuing and forwarding proxy vote documents during elections (for further information - in French - click here).

These services are available by appointment only.

Consular Section contact details:

Tel.: +61 (0)2 6216 0100

Fax: +61 (0)2 6216 0127

*Please note that visas are issued by the Embassy only on official and diplomatic passeports. All other visas are issued by the Consulate-General of France in Sydney.
Since 15 July 2009, only biometric visas can be issued for diplomatic and official passports.

Compulsory application in person for visas

- This procedure is compulsory for every single visa applicant aged 6 years and over.

- All applications have to be lodged in person by making a compulsory appointment, with no exceptions.

- As the process requires taking the photo and the ten fingerprints of each applicant, it is no longer possible to lodge an application by post.

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