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Education and French language

The French Embassy is committed to supporting the teaching and learning of French in Australia, in partnership with the Australian Government Department of Education, the Departments of Education in each State and Territory, the network of bilingual schools, the associations of French teachers, and the Department of French Studies within each university.


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Science and Technology


The Science and Technology section has an objective to facilitate the scientific and technological cooperation between France and Australia. It promotes Australian scientific and technological assets in France, French assets in Australia, and underlines complementarities and common fields of interest for our two countries.


The Science and Technology section works in direct collaboration with various French and Australian institutions such as governmental organisations, financing agencies, research centers, universities, academies of science and technology, scientific associations and private companies.

The section coordinates the scientific and technological cooperation between France and Australia through the association AFRAN (the Australian-French Association for Research and Innovation), stimulating information exchanges, organising scientific events, and developing thematic or local research networks.

It manages the financing programs for research cooperation such as FASIC or the Scientific Mobility Program.

It publishes the current scientific events on research in Australia and in France.

Contacts :

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Higher Education

Cooperation in Higher Education

The Embassy contributes to the development of partnerships between French and Australian universities, and aims to strengthen the exchanges and mobility between the two countries.

It supports French higher education establishments in the construction of collaborative projects with their Australian counterparts and promotes studies in France to Australian students through the Campus France Australia platform.

The Embassy’s work in the higher education field has three main objectives:

-  To promote the recent updates to the French higher education system (creation of the COMUES and merging of establishments, the Investments in the Future program, the Initiatives of Excellence program) within Australia and to contribute to the development of more ambitious institutional partnerships;

-  To strengthen the attractiveness of French higher education and to improve Australian student mobility to France;

-  To incorporate an economic and industrial aspect into the development of international academic partnerships.

Through close collaboration with the Science and Technology Section, the Higher Education Section aims to integrate academic collaborations between French and Australian establishments into a broader continuum which covers training, research, innovation and links with industry.


Ph: +61 (0) 2 6216 0137
Fax: +61 (0) 2 6216 0156

Grants and opportunities

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