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Alliance française, a local organization in a global network.

The Alliance française aims to promote the French language, to highlight French culture and to develop cultural links between France and Australia. In Australia, there is a strong and vibrant network of 30 Alliances françaises. n

In Australia, like everywhere in the world, the Alliances françaises are associations governed by local laws. An Executive Committee of eminent Australian administers the affairs of the Alliance française. The President is elected by the members of the Executive Committee. A Director is designated and remunerated by the French Government.

The Alliance française, a benchmark institution for learning French

The Alliance française is first and foremost a language centre, offering a wide range of French courses from beginner to advanced level, for children, teenagers, adults (individuals and professionals). The teaching methods are action and communication oriented, engaging learners through various contents and authentic role plays. Courses are available online and on site. Teachers are regularly trained to adapt to new pedagogical challenges and developments.

Alliance française, a cultural hub of choice

The Alliance française is an independent, non-profit association and the ideal meeting place for Indian and French artists. The network of Alliances françaises offers a wide range of cultural programmes, highlighting various artistic forms (music, dance, theatre, photography, design...), in various formats (festivals, conferences, debates, performances...), emphasising the importance of an intercultural approach. The Alliances françaises team up with local organisations, the ICCR and other leading cultural and educational institutions to accomplish this.

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