Farewell Australia

After 33 years spent in the Pacific Ocean, the French Navy Ship La Moqueuse will soon call in Brisbane for her last visit to Australia. In a few months, the ship will be decommissioned.


The story began on April 18th 1987 when the patrol boat, La Moqueuse left Toulon in France and started her journey across the world to reach New Caledonia.

She arrived there two months later, on June 28th 1987. Since then, La Moqueuse has been a regular visitor with more than 20 calls in Australia for informal & operational visits between her patrol missions in the French Exclusive Economic Zone. Her maiden call was in Norfolk, in 1989. During the next thirty years, La Moqueuse has visited Melbourne, Newcastle, Cairns, and many other Australian ports. Nevertheless, her story is mainly related to Sydney and Brisbane, which she has visited more than 10 times.
After a last call in Sydney on January 31st, she is now sailing for Brisbane.

The reason why her last mission on the east coast is so poignant is that she will be saluting farewell to Australia after the Brisbane call.

She is part of ten P400 type patrol ships that have been built between 1983 and 1985. She is named after personal characteristics traits which could be translated as “the mocker”. The other P400 are also named with this name types, such as “the glorious”, “the bold”, “the fussy”…

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