Fête de la science at the French-Australian Pre-School

On Friday 22nd of September, the French-Australian Pre-School in Canberra organized the “fête de la science” to foster interest for science among their 3 to 5 years-old pupils. During 2 hours, little groups of 5 or 6 children accompanied by an adult were going from one stand to another, discovering scientific activities that their teachers or parents had prepared for this occasion.


The children investigated spectacular chemical reactions creating colored elephant toothpastes, or volcanos. They witnessed the color of the purple cabbage juice changing according to the acidity of the mix, or the effect of a surfactant on a milk and colorants mixture, creating beautiful rainbows… They have also learnt about physical science with experiments on the shape of bubbles, the nature of the matter (solid, liquid or gas), the propagation of the sound, the tornados, and very nice rocket launches. During this fête, everybody could try, touch and make. The children did their own color break-up, sluggy paste, cackling chicken or fossil. They learnt the scientific approach of a problem, when they had to make a hypothesis on the buoyancy of an object or the behavior of a gas, and test it, then draw their conclusions.


Science was really celebrated at the French-Australian Pre-School’s fête de la science, and not only did the children discover and experiment its wonders, but this fête stimulated their interest and sharpened their curiosity about the world around, it changed their mind, giving them tools to understand, to make logical argument, and to think on their own. This is what science is all about!

Dernière modification : 29/09/2017

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