Prolong the experience with France Alumni [fr]

France Alumni Australie is an international social and professional network for anyone living in Australia who:
- has studied in France
- has gained professional experience in France or with a French company,
- is a former student of an international French school.

Have you studied or worked in France? Would you like to continue your French connection? Then sign up today to France Alumni Australie!

France Alumni Australie lets you keep up to date with French cultural news in Australia, keep in contact with your classmates, and receive information about employment opportunities, study programs, scholarships, and internships.

Whether you’re a former student or intern in France, a graduate of a French school or university or a former exchange student, whether you spent years in France or a few weeks, whether it was for a language study stay or for research, whether you were an intern or employee in France or in an international French company, this site is made for you. Rendez-vous on !

Dernière modification : 06/03/2020

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