French-Australian Transport and Mobility Workshop

The Research Centre for Integrated Transportation Innovation (rCITI) and the French institute for transportation research (IFSTTAR) will hold a French-Australian workshop on transport and mobility.

The workshop is sponsored by the French Embassy in Australia and is organized with the support of the Australian FRench AssociatioN for research and innovation (AFRAN). It aims at discussing, evaluating and strengthening already existing transportation research collaborations between the two countries.

This workshop will discuss global innovation hotspots in transportation services in the light of travel demand management and network optimization policies. In particular, emerging approaches supported by the private sector, academic involvement and public goods management trends in both countries will be explored.

rCITI and IFSTTAR will define, in cooperation with the French embassy, new tools and protocols to reduce barriers to regional collaboration and promote an open-market approach to industry-research collaboration, including France-Asia-Pacific seminars, multilateral projects and mobility support between researchers from both countries. New modes of global cooperation, hot topics with short-term market applications, associating key stake holders will be evaluated during the seminar and a road map for action will be defined for the forthcoming years.

The seminar will take place on Thursday October 20, 2016 in the Civil Engineering Building H20, Room 402 at UNSW Australia in Sydney.

The seminar is open to a wide participation from industry partners, transportation public sector and academia.

For any information regarding the workshop, please contact David Rey ( or Jean-Luc Ygnace (

Workshop Program

Welcome (10:30am – 11am)

Session 1 (11am – 1pm) – Main orientations of participating Research Organisations
rCITI presentation - S Travis Waller (30 min)
IFSTTAR presentation - Claude Marin-Lamellet (30 min)
IFSTTAR-LICIT - Nour-Eddin El Faouzi (30 min)
TRACSlab - Vinayak Dixit (30 min)

Lunch break (1pm – 1:40pm)

Session 2 (1:40pm – 3pm) – Transport Innovation and Research Needs
Emerging transport research topics - David Rey (20 min)
Innovation and the role of start-up, international trends - Jean-Luc Ygnace (20 min) Hydrogen for personal mobility - Kondo-François Aguey-Zinsou (20 min)
Tools for French-Australian scientific collaboration - Anne Rouault (20 min)

Coffee break (3pm – 3:30pm)

Session 3 (3:30pm – 5pm)
Round table and road map for cooperation around common grounds: (unlimited) Public/private partnerships, smart cities trends, social needs, business issues for accelerating global deployment, knowledge and the importance of experiments

Get-together dinner @ Coogee Pavillon, 169 Dolphin St, Coogee NSW 2034 (6pm – late)

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