French-Australian workshop on the protection of coral reefs in Sydney [fr]

Since the industrial revolution, our planet is the theatre of faster and faster changes due to humans’ activities. Some species can’t adapt as fast as we are changing their environment. The coral reefs are currently facing major threats and according to the scientific community may disappear in three decades if no consistent appropriate action is taken. Time has come to engage in the design of innovative solutions to preserve coral reefs.
The Embassy of France in Australia wants to take advantage of the stopover in Sydney of the Tara schooner 19th to 23rd of August 2017 to organise a workshop to build awareness of the critical state of coral reefs but also to underline the major role both scientists and policy makers can play in the design of appropriate solutions to ensure coral reef protection.

Building up both on the French-Australian joint declaration on protecting the world’s coral reefs adopted during the COP22 and on the conclusions of the 2016 Joint Science and Technology Meeting where biodiversity conservation was acknowledged as a major priority for the bilateral scientific cooperation, this workshop aims to deliver a strong scientific and political message towards coral reef conservation to the international community. It will also support the interactions between French, Pacific and Australian researchers on coral reefs to exchange views and identify opportunities for new collaborations. In addition, France being currently the co-chair of the International Coral Reefs Initiative (ICRI) Secretariat for two years, this workshop seeks to take inspiration of innovative conservation solutions that can nurture further international political action.

If you are interested to attend this event, please contact the service for Science and Technology of the Embassy:


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