French Office of Immigration and Integration (OFII)

Who is involved with the OFII procedure ?

The following long stay visa categories holder will have a simplified procedure when settling in France and won’t have to secure a "resident permit" from the Prefecture anymore. They will be able to stay in France for the whole validity of their long stay visa, provided they have registered at the French Office of Immigration and Integration (OFII):

- Visitor
- Spouse of a French citizen
- Spouse of a foreigner
- Training
- Student
- Researcher
- Professional


The following are exempted from OFII registering:
- Citizen from the European Economic Area
- Citizen from Switzerland, Monaco, San Marino, Andorra and Vatican
- Citizen from Algeria.

How to register at the OFII ?

The foreigner of 18 year old or over must, within three months of entry into France, accomplish a number of procedures at the French Office for Immigration and Integration (OFII).

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The following documents will have to be send by post mail to your competent OFII (a list of OFII addresses can be found on the 3rd page of the OFII form) :

The OFII form stamped by the consulate with the upper and lower portion duly completed
a copy of the ID pages of your passport including information regarding your identity and passport validity
a copy of the immigration stamp Stamp received at the border in France or from the autorities of the country of transit) showing the date of your entrance through the relevant border
a copy of your original long stay visa issued by the French consulate

You will then be requested to appear for an interview, medical examination and asked to pay a processing tax fee.

You will need to submit the following:

- Your passport;
- A proof of accommodation in France;
- One ID picture;

And pay the OFII processing fees.

OFII processing fees

241 €
Spouse of a French citizen
241 €
Spouse of a foreigner
241 €
58 €
58 €
241 €
Professional ("mention salarié")
241 €
Professional ("mention temporaire")

These fees can be paid online on :

Important: Please note that these processing fees are given for information only and may be updated. Please refer to the OFII website for official tax amounts :

When the file is complete, a registration sticker with the validation date and an official stamp will be affixed in your passport which will authorize you to stay legally in France for the entire length of your French visa.

More details on the OFII registration can be found on the 2nd and 3rd page of the following OFII form document.

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What to do when my long stay visa expires ?

Different cases
If the purpose of your stay is extended You should apply for a renewal of your residence permit at the competent Prefecture within the last two months before your visa expires.
If the purpose of your stay has changed For example: you have a student visa and you are going to be working as an "assistant de langues": you must re-apply for a new visa at the French consulate of your last country of residency.
If the purpose of your stay in France has ended You will be required to leave France before the expiration of your visa.

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