French Schools Abroad Week (12-19 November 2017) [fr]

With nearly 500 establishments in 137 countries and 350,000 pupils from kindergarten to secondary school, France has the biggest network of schools abroad of any country.
On every continent, families from France and many other nationalities choose a French education.

French lycées abroad offer teaching to the high standards of the French national curriculum. They impart universal values such as tolerance, humanism, equal opportunities, intellectual curiosity and critical awareness, and allow children to follow an uninterrupted education from the age of 3 to their baccalauréat exams aged 18.
French schools are part of a dynamic, attractive and open international network enabling them to provide a particularly enriching education.

The network helps promote French language and culture by welcoming children from host countries and other foreign countries (over 60% of pupils). By promoting intercultural communication and understanding, French schools enable their pupils to forge long-lasting affinities with France.

French Schools Abroad Week

French Schools Abroad Week will be held for the first time from 12 to 19 November 2017. This week aims to showcase the French education system abroad and will have an impact in individual schools and across the network. All French schools abroad will be able to suggest events and educational activities.

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