French company fuels Australia’s renewable power generation [fr]

The construction of the largest onshore wind farm of Australia has begun in South Australia and the contractor is French renewable company Neonen, one of the world’s and Australia’s first leading producers of exclusively renewable energy.


The 412 megawatt wind farm, called Goyder South, is expected to be operational in 2024.

The development of this wind farm will meet about 3.5 per cent of South Australia’s energy needs, helping the state reach its net zero 2030 target. Goyder South is also in line with SA’s goal to become a major exporter of renewable power and increase renewable power generation. Once the wind farm operational, the ACT government will receive 100W of the power produced after signing a 14 year contract with Neonen.

Goyder South is the tip of the iceberg of Neonen’s flagship project known as the Goyder Renewable zone, a hybrid wind, solar and storage project. The next steps of Neonen’s expansion plans depend on the approval of the 800 MW transmission and 900 kilometer interconnector linking South Australia and New South Wales.

For further information check out Neonen’s press release

Dernière modification : 29/12/2022

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