French-language media in Australia [fr]

French-language media is well represented in Australia, particularly in terms of radio and television.

1. Online media

Le Courrier Australien

Le Courrier Australien, launched in 1892 as a printed newsparper has since 2016 transformed into a bi-lingual online website.


Le Petit Journal

Le Petit Journal is an online publication dedicated to the French expatriates and French speakers. It publishes ads and tips as well as general information. Sydney (since 2010), Melbourne and Perth (since 2012), have their own offices and distinct pages.

Claudia Rizet-Blancher, Editorial Director, Australia and New-Caledonia
Courriel :
Website : - - -

Nina Polo Marcellier, Public relations officer, Australia and New-Caledonia
Courriel :
Website : - - -

Gwenaëlle Page, Editor-in-chief, Melbourne
Courriel : gwenaë
WebSite :

2. Radio

Thanks to the public radio SBS, a French Program is broadcast all around Australia, either via regular radio waves (AM and FM) or digital radio (SBS Radio 1) on a digital TV set.

SBS Radio French Program broadcasts four times a week: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday from 1.00 pm to 2.00 pm on the following frequencies.

- Adelaide 106.3 FM
- Brisbane 93.3 FM
- Canberra 1440 AM
- Hobart 105.7 FM
- Melbourne 1224 AM
- Newcastle 1413 AM
- Perth 96.9 FM
- Sydney 1107 AM
- Wollongong 1485 AM

Please note that only Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney receive the full programs via AM or FM radio waves. For all the other towns and regions, the programs are often only accessible via digital radio (SBS Radio 1) on a digital TV set.

To know the details of the schedule and the frequency of your area click here.

You can also listen to the programs and podcasts of SBS Radio French online, at the following address:

There are a number of other French-language programs broadcast by local and community radio stations. For the details click here.

the Association of French-language Radio Presenters of Australia, known as AAPREFA, is non-profit association founded in 1988 which represents the hosts of French radio programs in Australia. Its objectives are to promote the French programs and increase the audience, to multiply the number of French cultural programs in Australia and to reinforce the links between animators.
For more information:

France’s international broadcaster, Radio France Internationale’s English Service is also available on short-wave. For full details of RFI’s international broadcasting program please visit the RFI web site at RFI can also be received through the sound sub-carriers of satellite television stations CFI and TV5, details of which are provided below.

3. Television

The public channel SBS One broadcast every morning at 8.40 am the France 2 national news bulletin (20H) from the day before and, from Monday to Friday, at 3.00 pm, the France 24 International news bulletin. Numerous French movies (with English subtitles) are also offered on this channel; movies that are also accessible online freely via the website SBS ONDEMAND.

You can also watch the France 2 national news bulletin (20H) on SBS 2 from Monday to Saturday at 5.00 am.

4. Satellite television

French satellite television is now available via a number of sources.

Firstly there is Les offres Canal+ established in Australia since 2001 and offering up to 40 French Channels and Services. There are 28 French television channels with news, cinema, sport, kids programs, discovery, generalist, entertainment and music offering a large choice of French speaking programmes for the French speaking community in Australia. You can also access 11 French Radios and 2 services accessible through your decoder (Guide des programmes, Pilote).

Les offres Canal+ packages are available via satellite reception (broadcasted by Intelsat 701) on a subscription basis across Australia. For further information please visit Canalsat Australie website
or call (02) 9252 6577.

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