Full accreditation for Tingalpa State School [fr]


Tingalpa State School has become the first Queensland school to receive full accreditation (from prep to year 3) by the French Ministry of Education and the French accrediting agency, AEFE (Agence pour l’enseignement francais à l’etranger), - and the 6th Australian school to receive full accreditation -thanks to its French-Australian Bilingual Program that launched in 2015.

Their Binational program takes the command of both languages to a very high level, by merging the two curricula and enhancing teaching practice.

This accreditation also means that the Queensland public school meets the requirements of the French government and is now recognised internationally as a French primary school.

For further information regarding Tingalpa State School’s bilingual program click here


Tingalpa State School is also a member of the Australian Association of French-English Bilingual School.

Congratulations on this wonderful achievement!

Dernière modification : 29/06/2017

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