Glen Eira College wins the prestigious international Francophonie competition for 2017 [fr]

The year 7 students following the CNED program (French learning distance program) and the year 9 students part of the French immersion program have won the 1st prize in the international Francophonie Competition within the category “Schools overseas (French as a Foreign Language)”. The competition is called “Tell me ten words (Dis-moi dix mots)”. Each year, the competition requires the students to come up with a creative representation of those 10 words. Glen Eira College is the winner of the international version of the competition.

Three of the students who won the competition from Glen Eira College were able to go to Paris to attend a ceremony in their honor at the Academie Française and receive the winning prize on the 18th of May 2017. The three students were accompanied by their teacher Ms. Loveena Narayanen who coordinated their entries, as well as the Principal of their school Ms. Sheereen Kindler.


Upon the return of the three students from France, another ceremony was organized for the whole winning class, as only three were able to go to France for the official ceremony. The ceremony that took place at Glen Eira College was attended by the winning students, their parents, by representatives of the Department of Education of Victoria and by the Counsellor for culture, education, science and technology from the Embassy of France in Canberra.


The competition itself is organized and coordinated by the French language delegation to the Ministry of Culture and Communication. This year there were more than 400 participating schools from 32 different countries. For the 11th edition of this competition the theme was “Tell me 10 words on the web”. French-speaking students from all over the world spent time thinking about the web, the virtual world and different means of communication that exist today. You can have a look at Glen Eira’s competition entry by clicking here.

This is the second time a school in Melbourne has one this competition. In 2015, Auburn High School was the winner. This all goes to show how important it is to the state of Victoria that French be taught in their schools.

Glen Eira College is a public school in Melbourne and it not only teaches French to their students but actually teaches in French. Glen Eira College is accredited by CNED for its French program which teaches French as a 1st language and for its French immersion program too. It received the LabelFrancEducation status in 2016 and is also a member of the French English bilingual association in Australia AAFEBS.

Dernière modification : 15/06/2017

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