"Goût de / Good France 2018" : only a few days before closing date ! [fr]

"Goût de / Good France" is the celebration of the vitality of French cuisine, a link between chefs from around all the world in the best way possible: the organization of a French dinner around the world, on March 21st.

After the success of the last edition which gathered more than 2000 chefs in 150 countries on 5 continents, the 2018 edition will reiterate the world meeting of the French gastronomy on March 21st.

This year again, the diplomatic network in Australia is mobilized to promote French gastronomy and make this event a major event.

Restaurants in Australia are invited to register, until January 31, 2018, on a dedicated platform. This registration is required to participate in the event. Each chef, French or foreign, is free to adapt his dishes to his market and his products, and can consult online the red thread of the event.

An international chef selection committee will validate the list of restaurants selected to participate, for the quality and consistency of the menus proposed for March 21st. The list will be unveiled at a launch conference, and will be available online in February.


Dernière modification : 18/07/2018

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