Green hydrogen : French initiatives #ST52 [fr]

Since September 2020, France has developed its National strategy for the deployement of green hydrogen. This strategy plans to allocate €7 billion of public support until 2030 with three priorities: support for R&D will enable the development of more efficient technologies for all uses of hydrogen; support for first productions and for industrialisation will combine a European approach (partnerships with other European countries to develop large-scale projects) with a national approach; and deployment support will enable economies of scale and lower production costs.

The actions highlighted in this strategy for 2020-2023 correspond to the main hydrogen market trends. The aim is to develop a French electrolysis sector to decarbonize industry, to develop heavy mobility using low-carbon hydrogen, and to support research, innovation and skills development in order to foster the uses of tomorrow.

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Dernière modification : 06/05/2021

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