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For Australians

Obtaining a certificate of equivalence for my Australian qualification in France

Equivalence can be obtained for a qualification in certain countries, but not in France. This is a decision that can be legally challenged before the administrative court of the country issuing the certificate of equivalence.


- In France, authorities organising competitive examinations and training institutions offer certificates of comparability. A committee recognises your study level and authorises you to take part in a competitive examination or allows you to continue your studies at the level that it considers corresponds to the training you have completed outside France in relation to the courses on offer in the institution.

If you already have a higher education qualification and want to continue your studies at a French higher education institution, you can apply for exemption from elements of the course from the institution in which you wish to take a French qualification.
To do this, you will need to show the foreign qualification(s) that you have along with translations in French and a description of the course(s) taken. The chancellor of the university or the director of the institution concerned will decide at which level you will be admitted, on the recommendation of a teaching committee (see decree No. 85-906 of 23 August 1985).
This exemption is intended to allow you to gain accreditation for part or all of your previous university studies.

- You can obtain a certificate of recognition of your study level. This certificate helps make your course more transparent and can be shown to:
- employers,
- authorities organising competitive examinations,
- training institutions

The ENIC-NARIC* France is the French information Centre for the academic and professional recognition of qualifications.

  • It draws up certificates of recognition of study levels for foreign qualifications
  • It provides information on the procedure for obtaining recognition of French qualifications abroad
  • It provides information on the procedures to follow in order to work in a regulated profession
    *European Network of Information Centres – National Academic Recognition Information Centres

Information : http://www.ciep.fr/enic-naric-france
If you want to contact the ENIC-NARIC Centre
- phone number : 33 (0)1 70 19 30 31
- email address : enic-naric@ciep.fr or send an email through: http://www.ciep.fr/contacts/contact-centre-enic-naric-france

The cost for this service is 70 euros. Processing time is around 2 months (following payment).

For the French

**Obtaining a certificate of equivalence for my French qualification in Australia

You can contact the national information centre in Australia : Australian Education International - National Office of Overseas Skills Recognition (AEI-NOOSR)
GPO Box 1407
Canberra ACT 2601
E-mail: qualsrecognition@education.gov.au
Website: http://www.enic-naric.net/australia.aspx

For further information, you may visit the following pages:
- https://internationaleducation.gov.au/services-and-resources/services-for-individuals/qualifications-assessments/pages/qualification-assessment.aspx
- https://internationaleducation.gov.au/services-and-resources/pages/qualifications-recognition.aspx
- http://www.australia.gov.au/information-and-services/education-and-training/qualifications-and-skills-recognition

Obtaining authorisation to practise your profession in France when you have a foreign qualification.

If you have a higher education qualification awarded outside France and want to practise your profession in France, the employers interested in recruiting you or the authorities organising a competitive examination are responsible for assessing whether the qualifications in question teach the skills required for the job concerned.

You can apply for a certificate of recognition of your study level from the ENIC-NARIC France centre. For regulated professions (for which, in France, it is compulsory to have a qualification), a certificate of recognition of your study level does not allow you to practise the profession concerned in France. You will need to contact a specific person, depending on the profession concerned.

You will find on the Europa website of the European Commission a page with an alphabetical list of regulated professions.

The qualification recognition Agreement between France and Australia

On 6 October 2009, the French Ambassador, His Excellency Mr Michel Filhol, received many representatives of Australian universities and the Department of Education at the French Embassy for the signature of the Qualification Recognition Agreement between France and Australia.

The discussions for this Agreement have been underway for several years and it has now been signed by the President of Universities Australia, Chair of the Association of the French universities (Conférence des Présidents d’Universités), by the President of the association of the French Engineering schools (CDEFI).

This agreement, the first of its kind in Australia, encourages the mutual recognition of periods of study and recognised higher education Awards, in order to facilitate study in the partner country.

This Agreement does not cover programmes of study in healthcare.

This Agreement does not cover the recognition of diplomas in either country for the purposes of professional activity.

Download the agreement (in English)
Download the agreement (in French)

What is the objective of this agreement?
- To encourage the student mobility between the two countries, to promote study in the partner country thanks to the mutual recognition of awards and Higher Education qualifications.

What does this agreement provide?
It provides a clear framework of :
- the higher education qualifications of the two countries, and
- the organisation of the two higher education systems (Universities, Grandes Ecoles)

Therefore, it will be easier for each higher education institution to understand the awards presented by a student who wants to undertake further study in an institution.

- it explains the necessary requirements to enter to Higher Education institutions.
Examples : - if an Australian student has been awarded an honours degree, he may be admitted to a Doctorate in France.
- The holder of a Diplôme Universitaire de Technologie (DUT) may be admitted to the third year of a Bachelor Degree in Australia
- An Australian student with a three-year Bachelor degree majoring in science or technology or who has completed the first three years of a four-year Bachelor Degree in engineering, may be admitted to the first year of an engineering programme offered by an engineering school in France.

- this agreement widens the scope of tertiary study opportunities for students.

Who is covered by this agreement?
- In France, all the French universities (78) and the schools of Engineering (more than 250 schools).
- In Australia, all institutions that are members of Universities Australia (39 universities)

After the agreement is signed it will be binding for all Australian unis, French unis and engineering institutes - bearing in mind that each uni/institution has the ultimate decision on who they will admit to their programs and what credit they’ll grant.

Does this agreement cover all the disciplines?
This Agreement does not cover programmes of study in healthcare.
This Agreement does not cover the recognition of diplomas in either country for the purposes of professional activity.
For information about the recognition of the Diplôme d’Ingénieur in Australia, click here.

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