International Call for SCO Projects 2021

Space Climate Observatory International will be opening a new campaign of labelling projects in September 2020. You are encouraged to download the form hereafter and submit a proposal.

The deadline for submitting a proposal is 30 November, 2020
The decisions on labelling will be published by 1 February 2021

SCO is a unique observatory underpinned by a network of scientific and technical agencies. Although SCO is not a financing agency, its extended network allows it to help labelled projects to raise money from various climate change programmes as well as to scale it up and transfer it to other stakeholders.

Our planet’s climate is undergoing big changes that are influencing temperatures, precipitation, winds and many other geophysical and geomorphological parameters, and the consequences of these changes are affecting all of humanity. While these phenomena have been studied for several decades by scientists, global awareness of them is recent, and the need for preparedness, mitigation and adaptation at local level is urgent.

Nevertheless, we still lack tools for local decision-makers incorporating the most recent developments in data and algorithms.In the current phase, the main mode of SCO to address the above challenge is to provide high visibility and general support to projects led by consortia federating the scientific community, public authorities and private sector firms, which propose operational tools to local decision-makers to inform their climate change policies.

Find more details about the call for project here

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