Join our discussion on Surveillance and the Humanities! #ST18 [fr]

Surveillance has emerged as a generalized practice used by governments and industries to monitor, determine and predict human activity. Central to the functioning of 21st century capitalism and modern social welfare, it has become a key theme in literature, film, and the arts more broadly, being often displayed as necessarily intrusive and threatening. It constitutes nowadays a topic of scholar investigation.

This French-Australian Webinar series seeks to address surveillance meaning, scope and representation, and to create the conditions of a conversation between disciplines such as legal studies, social sciences, political science, law, computer science and humanities, to explore with a multidisciplinary approach this contemporary issue.

The Webinar series will be followed by exchanges to discuss long-term collaborations as well as masterclasses between French and Australian teams. It aims at opening opportunities to create closer research ties between the Centre for Law, Arts and the Humanities of the ANU and the Law and Humanities research centre at the Panthéon-Assas university.

Presentation of the webinar series by Anne Brunon-Ernst

Dernière modification : 27/08/2020

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