Legion of Honour for Australian WWII veterans

France Honours Australian Second World War Veterans in Australia

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the second World War, the French Republic has decided to honour veterans who fought for the liberation of France by awarding them to the rank of Chevalier in the Legion of Honour.

The French Legion of Honour is an order of distinction first established by Napoleon Bonaparte in May 1802. It is the highest decoration bestowed in France. The Legion of Honour is the highest French decoration which recognises distinguished services for France. The award of such a decoration is decided by the President of the French Republic, subject to a very strict examination. The delivery of the Legion of Honour is the subject of a solemn ceremony in which a French authority representative thanks the recipient for their services for France.

We invite all Australian veterans, who served in France in Allied forces or with French forces during operations for the liberation of France in the Second World War, and wish to be awarded the Legion of Honour, to email or post the following documents to Mrs Gaëlle Gallois-Marks:

1. A copy of their current valid identification (such as driver license, passport). This document must contain the veteran’s photo, full name, date and place of Birth as well as veteran’s current nationality. Please advise if veteran’s nationality during the military service was different.

2. A copy of their military record relating to the operations for liberation of France. This document must contain the rank and the unit in which Australian veteran served. Also important to include are copies of log book and entry and discharge certificate.

In order to facilitate administrative processes, an nomination form for award proposal can be downloaded here.

Please note the following:

- The medal cannot be granted posthumously.

- The Chevalier in the Legion of Honour may only be awarded once to any individual. Those who have already received this medal need not apply.

- It will take a minimum of nine months to process your nomination.

To inquire about eligibility for the decoration of an Australian veteran having served in France, please contact:

Mrs Sylvaine MARTINET
Embassy of France, 6 Perth avenue, Yarralumla, ACT 2600
(02) 6216 0126


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