MEDEF International delegation visiting Australia [fr]

The MEDEF delegation, which included more than 40 high ranking business executives from French companies, visited Australia from 13 to 16 March 2016 to increase the economic partnership between France and Australia.

The delegation, led by Mr Guillaume Pepy, head of the France Australia Business Council and president of the French national railway company SNCF, seeked to bring to Australia some of France’s most innovative industries as well as renowned higher education and research actors and therefore demonstrate France’s ability to meet Australian requirements regarding Australia’s transition towards a more innovative economy, in growth areas such as infrastructures (transport, environment, energy and smart cities), agribusiness, services (tourism, education and finance), high tech industries (aerospace, defense, information and communication technologies) and health.


The delegation included more than 40 high ranking business executives from French companies representing a large range of sectors. The majority of these companies are already present in Australia and are looking for further opportunities for investment or partnerships and other companies are keen to consider entering the Australian market. The delegation also included both very large multinationals that are among world leaders in their sectors and small and medium enterprises.


This large number of visiting companies and their diversity are a good illustration of the intensification of the bilateral economic relationship between France and Australia, with more than 60 000 Australians already working for French companies. The business delegation was also accompanied by some representatives from research and higher education institutions, as innovation was a key theme of this visit. French companies intend to contribute to the current transition of the Australian economy towards a more innovative and productive economy through their advanced technologies and know-how.

The delegation visited Sydney on 13 and 14 March, with a focus on business to business dialogue with the Australian private sector.


In Canberra on 15 March, the delegation met the Commonwealth authorities and key administrative contacts, notably with the aim to better understand the economic and business environment for potential investors.


To discuss innovation and research, the delegation also visited CSIRO in Canberra and had a dialogue with Australian higher education institutions in Melbourne on 16 March.

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