May 2021 - French Inititiatives on Hydrogen

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Since September 2020, France has developed its National strategy for the deployement of green hydrogen. This strategy plans to allocate €7 billion of public support until 2030 with three priorities: support for R&D will enable the development of more efficient technologies for all uses of hydrogen; support for first productions and for industrialisation will combine a European approach (partnerships with other European countries to develop large-scale projects) with a national approach; and deployment support will enable economies of scale and lower production costs.

The actions highlighted in this strategy for 2020-2023 correspond to the main hydrogen market trends. The aim is to develop a French electrolysis sector to decarbonize industry, to develop heavy mobility using low-carbon hydrogen, and to support research, innovation and skills development in order to foster the uses of tomorrow.

ADEME call for Hydrogen projects
The ADEME (French Agency for the Environment and Energy Managing) supports the deployment of hydrogen ecosystems in the territories through a call for projects. It has been endowed with €275 million for the period 2021-2023. 7 projects have been selected for the first round, totaling a request for assistance of €45 million. 7 French towns or cities, Paris included, will strengthen local hydrogen production capacity to address new uses for heavy land-based mobility: buses, garbage bins, and trucks... Other uses such as light and marine mobility, or industrial processes, are also developed in some of the projects. Link-Fr

Training for hydrogen jobs
France Hydrogen has published a White Paper on the skills and professions of tomorrow in the field of hydrogen. While more than 100,000 jobs will be created in this sector, by 2030, stakeholders are trying to develop a strong national sector. Beyond the energy transition, the challenge is also the relocation of industrial activity in the territories. Link-Fr

Technip Energies develops the BlueH2 by T.EN technology
Technip Energies, a French company in the field of energy industry engineering, has developed a new technology called "BlueH2 by T.EN" to reduce up to 99% of the carbone emissions in hydrogen production. This technology is based on carbon capture, use and storage processes, and can be applied to refining or manufacturing ammonia, but also to steel, cement, or olefins production as well as electricity generation. Link-Fr

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