Meet Prof. François Aguey, French researcher to learn more about hydrogen #ST30 [fr]

Prof. Aguey-Zinsou has over 12 years of research in the field of hydrogen technology. He tells us how France and Australia can foster their cooperation in that crucial sector to produce and store this greener source of energy.

His research is focused on the physical-chemistry of light metals and their hydrides at the nano-scale. His research group, MERLin, is aiming at designing a first generation materials capable of storing at least 3 mass % of hydrogen in the next 10 years. He is also developing novel technologies for the effective conversion of CO2 into synthetic fuels and the effective utilisation of ezymes to catalyse hydrogen based reaction in novel fuel cell systems.

François is actively engaged with AFRAN, the French Australian research network. Listen to this video to learn more how AFRAN can help you build international cooperation to support your project.

Dernière modification : 25/11/2020

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