Michel Rocard visited Australia on the 20th anniversary of the Madrid Protocol

Michel Rocard has visited Australia (3-5 October 2011) on the 20th anniversary of the Madrid Protocol.

While in Hobart, Mr. Rocard met with former Prime Minister Bob Hawke and Senator for Tasmania and Greens leader Robert Brown.

Mr. Rocard also attended a symposium organised by the Australian Antartic Division (ADD) and a diner with DFAT members.

In Melbourne, Mr. Rocard attended two events organised by the Global Foundation and the Grattan Institute.

Mr. Rocard gave radio interviews and many articles were published in the Australian press.

Michel Rocard and former Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke. (Photo credit: Mark Horstman/ABC)

To read articles and listen to Mr. Rocard’s radio interview, click on the following links:

Listen to Mr. Rocard’s interview by Christophe Mallet on SBS Radio - French Programme.

http://www.abc.net.au/news/2011-10-04/20111004---madrid- protocol/3209154?section=tas




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