Nicolas Baudin Program : FAQ


Is the program going ahead despite the pandemic?
- Exchange stream: No. Australian universities have cancelled all overseas student mobility programs until further notice.
- Degree stream: Yes. Students traveling to France to undertake a full degree in France are eligible to apply for the Nicolas Baudin travel grant.
- Internships stream: Internships will take place this year through a virtual/online model. Please note the travel grant will not be supplied but alternative funding may exist, and this will be specified in the internship offer.


Who is eligible to apply for the Nicolas Baudin Travel Grant?

  • Australian citizens and international students are both eligible, with the exception of French citizens. If you are in possession of dual Australian-French citizenship please contact
  • International students wishing to apply must be currently enrolled at an Australian university.
  • Applicants who do not currently reside in Australia will not be eligible for consideration.
  • Applicants must apply for the grant under one of the three mentioned frameworks (exchange, full degree, or internship). Circumstances which do not fall under one of these frameworks will render your application ineligible for consideration, including the Language Teaching Assistant Program.

If I meet all eligibility requirements am I guaranteed to receive the grant?
- No. This is an extremely competitive and highly selective program. The selection process involves a committee comprised of a number of different stakeholders and a ranking of candidates taking into account the quality of each application, with a strong emphasis on the motivation and profile of each eligible candidate.

Does the applicant or the Embassy organise the opportunity abroad?

  • General Program: It is up to the applicant to have organised and confirmed their own study abroad before applying for the grant.
  • Internships Initiative: Internships are proposed by French higher education institutions for Australian students to apply to. Students cannot submit their own internship projects (but may collaborate with a French institution to do this during the submission period.)

I’m living in a country other than Australia. Am I eligible to apply for the grant in order to undertake an internship/ program of study in France?
- No, you will not be eligible to apply for the grant. The grant supports student mobility from Australia to France only (including French overseas territories such as New Caledonia, French Polynesia or Reunion Island) . For this reason it cannot be used for travel between a country outside of Australia.

Do I have to pay for an academic transcript?
- Certain universities provide a statement of results or unofficial academic transcript for free. Please see acceptable examples here. If your university cannot provide any of the suitable documents, you must buy a transcript. Screenshots of your grades online will not be accepted.

What does the grant cover if my application is successful?
- The grant will cover the cost of the successful applicants’ return flights between Australia and France, up to the limit of €1450. Recipients of the Baudin Grant are exempt from paying fees associated with visa application. (This does not include stamp duty related to obtaining a residence permit after arriving in France.) In addition to the travel grant, laureates of the Internships Initiative benefit from a funding scheme involving a $2500 mobility grant from their home university and a monthly stipend from the host institution. All other related costs, including accommodation and domestic travel, will be at the successful candidate’s own expense.

How do laureates receive the grant?

  • General Program: Laureates must provide their itinerary and invoice for their flight from Australia to France. The Embassy of France will then issue a subvention directly to the student up to the value of €1450.
  • Internships Initiative: Laureates will receive a grant from the Embassy via their home university, paid as a subvention to the university and passed on to the student.

I have not received an email with my account activation link. What should I do?
- Please first check your junk/ spam folder. If you cannot find the email in here, please contact education.canberra-amba@diplomatie.gouv.f for assistance, ensuring that you mention your full name.
Please do not create multiple accounts.

Is there a requirement for the type of referee I have to use? Should they be academic, professional or personal?
- There is no requirement on the type of referee you must use, however they should be able to attest to your academic capabilities/ achievements and character at a minimum. For this reason, applicants often use an academic referee.

Can I get an extension to apply?
- No. Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted.

I have submitted my application. When will I know the outcome?
- The Embassy will inform applicants of their application outcome within 2 months after the deadline. We will not contact you to confirm receipt of your application. Please be patient during this time, as we receive a very large number of applications for this program and there are numerous parties involved in the decision-making process. In the meantime, for any questions you may have please contact the Embassy at

Can you offer advice/feedback on my application?
- No. Due to the large number of applications, we cannot offer any feedback to individuals before or after submission.

Can my partner join me in France while I participate in the program ?
- Yes, but they will also be subject to their own visa conditions and we will not be able to offer any extra advice or support for their situation. Please do not apply if your participation is conditional on a third party.


Can I apply for the grant if I’m doing a short program/summer school?
No. The general grant is available for exchange or study abroad programs of one semester or more.

I have applied for a study abroad/exchange/full degree program in France, but I haven’t received my official letter of acceptance yet. Am I still eligible to apply?
- In order to be eligible for the grant, you must be able to provide proof in the form of a letter of acceptance from your home university in Australia (Exchange) or the French university (Full degree). Please find examples of acceptable documents here.

My exchange isn’t until semester 1 (between January and July) next year. Can I still apply?
- A letter of acceptance is required at the time of application, and a flight invoice must be provided at the time of issuing of the grant. For this reason, unfortunately in most cases students undertaking exchange programs beginning in the first half of the next calendar year are not eligible as in many cases this letter may not be delivered more than 6 months in advance. There is only one round of applications per year.

I have already left Australia. Can I still apply?
- No. The Nicolas Baudin travel grant cannot be awarded retrospectively.

I want apply for the grant but I intend to leave soon. What should I do?
- Please be aware that the delays can be long regarding the announcement of the results. Please contact to discuss your situation.

Is it possible to arrive from Australia to a different nearby destination other than France (such as London)?
- Under exceptional circumstances this may be possible, but the grant will only cover the cost of the return flight between Australia and the destination, and will not cover any further costs associated with your travel to France from the original point of entry. It is the responsibility of the applicant to check all visa requirements related to the point of entry before arrival.

Is it possible to make a holiday stopover on my way to France in a third destination?
- No. While stopovers are necessary, your redeparture should be within 48 hours. Campus France will not finance a holiday in a third destination.


Can I apply for more than one internship?
- Yes, you are welcome to apply for as many internship offers as you like, as long as you are eligible for each one. Please do not create multiple accounts - You are able to submit more than one application with a single account, but you must create separate application files, stating your motivation for that specific internship in the relevant field. Please email to inform us of this as soon as you have completed and submitted all your applications, including a list of the internships you have applied for in order of preference in case you are chosen for more than one.

I can’t obtain the required letter of support from my university. Can I still apply?
- No. To participate in the program, your Australian university must approve your application by providing the required letter signed by the appropriate coordinator. Any submitted application which does not include this letter will be considered invalid.

I want to apply for an internship, but I’m not at the same level of study specified in the proposal. Can I still apply for that internship?
- Yes. Students of any level, Bachelor through to PHD, can apply for any internship, even if the offer specifies a certain level. The Embassy of France will transmit all eligible candidatures to the French institutions, and the hosting university will select the candidate.

I want to apply for an internship, but I’m not from the partner university specified in the proposal. Can I still apply for that internship?
- Yes. Students from any of the participating Australian universities can apply for any of the internships under the Internships initiative, even if they are not at the partner university indicated on the proposal. The Embassy of France will transmit all eligible candidatures to the French institutions, and the hosting university will select their preferred candidate.

Can I apply to undertake an internship after graduating?
- No. French law requires that all interns maintain student status for the duration of the internship. Anyone who has qualified for or graduated from the degree for which they have been enrolled is no longer eligible. Candidates graduating soon should seek advice from their faculty to see whether their graduation can be deferred.

The proposed dates on the internship offer don’t suit me. Can I still apply?
- Yes. In most cases the proposed dates may be flexible, and it is up to the intern to negotiate their start and end dates with their supervisor.

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