One year before Bordeaux, Sydney welcomed the RoboCup [fr]

The 2019 edition of RoboCup took place earlier this month down in Sydney. A significant delegation of French scientists, scientific researchers, technicians and engineers visited Sydney to represent our national colors.


Hosted by the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre between 2 and 8 July 2019, 5 French teams competed in Majors leagues (engineers and doctoral students) and 8 teams were registered in the Minors leagues events (middle and high school students) as part of the RoboCup 2019. Together with our competitors, nearly 25 representatives from the 2020 Bordeaux organizing committee had the opportunity to meet their counterparts in Sydney.

While the registered teams were shining on the soccer fields during these 4 days of competition, the French organizing committee had the challenging task to prepare the ground the next edition in Bordeaux.


Prof. Dominique Duhaut (Robocup Founder and co-chair of Robocup 2019) let this French delegation, accompanied by Prof. Olivier Ly (Co-chair Robocup 2019 but also world champion for the fourth consecutive year), Mr. Alexandre Fruchet (Project Manager), Ms. Hélène Jacquet, VP Strategy and Development at the University of Bordeaux, Ms. Christelle Bellenger, Directorate of Strategic Planning and lastly by Ms. Marianne Lamour (Digital Project Manager) representing the New Aquitaine Region.

On Thursday night, July 4, Mr. Nicolas Croizer, Consul General of France in Sydney, invited the French delegation at the Alliance Française in order to celebrate the presence of such high-level international robotic researchers.


This was the occasion for an informal meeting between the French committee, the International Board of Robocup, and its well-known founding members such as Prof. Hiroaki Kitano, author of the now-famous formula "By 2050, a robots team will defeat the world cup champion soccer team".


The tournament started the day after, on Friday 5 July. The robots soccer games were the perfect opportunity for all the teams involved to show their last technological improvements and performances.

The Bordeaux’s Rhoban Team, led by Prof. Olivier Ly, has become world champions for the fourth time!


The last day of the event was dedicated to the scientific symposium. In fact, many scientific articles are produced from this competition. Our researchers-competitors were pleased to attend presentations from Australian experts in the fields of robotic and AI such as Peter Corke, Director of the Center of Excellence "Robotic Vision" or Dissayanake Gamini, Director of the autonomous system center at the Technological University of Sydney.


Finally, as part of the opening keynote, Manuela Veloso, founding member, addressing her vision for the future of the RoboCup, has cleverly reworded the formula of Prof. Kitano "By 2050 robots will be part of the world cup champion soccer team ". No longer considering a human / robot confrontation but a development of this sport that goes hand in hand with the machine.

You’ll find below the series of clips filmed by the Embassy of France in Australia:

What is the RoboCup? Meeting with one of its founders: Professor Dominique Duhaut

In 1996, Dominique Duhaut participated to the definition of the RoboCup movement that he organised in Paris in 1998. A few years after, he would go on to become the Co-Chair of the 2020 RoboCup Bordeaux organisation committee!

Olivier Ly, triple champion du monde à la RoboCup, nous plonge dans cet univers

Olivier Ly, enseignant-chercheur au Labri et maître de conférences à l’Université de Bordeaux, dirige l’équipe de robots footballeurs Rhoban. Avec ses collègues chercheurs, ils programment ainsi des robots humanoïdes qui défient sur le terrain les robots programmées par d’autres confrères. Dans cet entretien, Olivier nous explique ce qu’est la RoboCup, pourquoi c’est un événement important pour tous les chercheurs en robotique, et l’intérêt pour la France d’accueillir ce rendez-vous scientifique majeur à Bordeaux en 2020.

In Australia, SBS French radio went out and meet with our French delegation :

On a rencontré l’un des fondateurs de la coupe du monde des robots

Dominique Duhaut est actuellement à Sydney pour l’édition 2019 de la Robocup, une compétition qu’il a contribué à créer et dans laquelle les Français excellent.

Quand les enfants fabriquent des robots

Nous avons rencontré des collégiennes qui ont participé à la compétition "junior" et discuté des efforts qui sont mis en oeuvre pour initier les jeunes français à la robotique.

RoboCup2019 : la plus grande compétition de robotique est à Sydney

The very local French newspaper, le Courrier Australien, also attended this major scientific and sporty event:

Le Courrier Australien s’est rendu à la RoboCup2019, la plus grande compétition de robotique au monde avec 3 500 participants et 3 000 robots. A Sydney, cette année, six équipes françaises sont présentes. Une façon d’être une vitrine pour la prochaine édition en 2020… à Bordeaux ! C’est ouvert à tous, surtout aux supporters des équipes tricolores. Rendez-vous jusqu’à lundi au Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Lastly, in France, a lot of media covered the competition and underlined the French teams’ outstanding results.:

La Tribune : Robocup : les Français de Rhoban champions du monde pour la 4e fois avant l’édition 2020 à Bordeaux

France Info : Avec la RoboCup, les robots ont aussi leur Coupe du monde de foot

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