Open Government Partnership Global Summit [fr]

France hosts the Open Government Partnership Global Summit in Paris, on December 7, 8 and 9.

Launched in 2011, the Open Government Partnership (OGP) is a multilateral initiative which currently brings together 70 participating countries, NGOs and representatives from civil society in a collegial governance.

At the global level, OGP is committed to promoting the principles of open and transparent government through civic consultation and participation, reinforcing public integrity and the fight against corruption, and increasing access to new technologies to foster democracy, promote innovation and stimulate progress. Since the OGP’s creation, participating countries have made over 2,500 commitments to make their governments more open and accountable.

As a forum for sharing best practices, OGP provides a unique platform that brings together, stimulates and expands the community of state reformers worldwide.

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As Lead Chair on the OGP steering committee, France hosts the OGP Global Summit at the France on December 7, 8 and 9. Representatives from governments, academia, civil society and international organizations gather to share their experiences and best practices and push forward the open government global agenda in light of the great challenges of the modern world.

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