Opportunities to teach in France [fr]

Should you wish to teach in France, there are some steps that you will need to follow regarding obtaining permission to work and live in France, teaching in the public system versus the private system, and obtaining recognition for your studies and qualifications undertaken in Australia.

1. Working and living in France

Non-Europeans must obtain a Long Stay Work Visa: https://au.ambafrance.org/Applying-for-a-French-visa-in-Australia-7351. In order to obtain this type of Visa, you must be able to present a signed work contract which has been certified by the DIRRECTE.

2. Teaching in the public system

- As a licensed teacher: this option is only available to European citizens, and you must pass an examination beforehand.
- As a contractual or fill-in teacher: you will need to view the current offers in each Académie and verify what they are offering on a case by case basis (for example, for the Académie de Lyon: http://www.ac-lyon.fr/cid87604/l-academie-recrute.html#enseignants). You will also need to obtain equivalence for your Australian qualifications: http://www.ambafrance-au.org/Higher-Education-Qualification-Recognition-3720.

3. Teaching in the private system

This depends upon the denomination and institution which you are interested in. For example, for a Catholic institution, a carte de séjour (residence permit) and authorisation to work are necessary. Licenses obtained in France or overseas are already recognised as equivalent by the Ministry for primary teaching. You would need to contact the Diocese for Catholic Education (DDEC) in the location you would like to teach, or the Services d’Accueil et d’Aide au Recrutement (SAAR).

4. Becoming an English Language Teaching Assistant

Three English Language Teaching Assistant Programs are available to Australian nationals each year in the following locations:

- Metropolitan France and the Overseas Departments
- New Caledonia
- Wallis and Futuna

In order to be eligible to apply for the Language Teaching Assistant Programs you must be enrolled at an Australian university at the time of application, in at least your second year of studies. It is not aimed at experienced teachers. This program is open to students of all disciplines who can demonstrate a competence in French, and who are seeking to increase their linguistic and cultural proficiency.

For further information on how to apply, please visit: http://www.ambafrance-au.org/Grant-and-Opportunities-6980

5. Participate in the Jules Verne Teacher International Mobility Program

French primary and secondary school teachers from all disciplines may be sent to schools in another country for one school year, with a possible one-year renewal. Reciprocity (sending an Australian primary or secondary school teacher to France for one school year) is highly desirable.
For further information, please visit: https://eduscol.education.fr/cid52924/programme-jules-verne.html

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