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National Innovation and Science Agenda - NISA (2016)

The National Innovation and Science Agenda is essential to Australia’s politics in the fields of Research and Innovation.

NISA has entered an active phase of implementation since August, 2016. It includes a strong international dimension via the Global Innovation Strategy. These instruments are competitive and open to all partner countries (no budget predefined by partner country).

Office of the Chief Scientist

The Australian Chief Scientist supplies independent and high-level advice to the Prime Minister and to the other ministers on the subjects relative to sciences, technologies and innovation. He also presides at the Commonwealth Science Council, in order to identify the challenges and the opportunities for Australia, which can be resolved, at least partially, through science. He plays a major role in defining Australian research politics.

Office of Innovation and Science Australia

The OISA is an independent committee which is responsible for providing strategic advice to the government in the fields of science, research and innovation. This committee is complementary to the Commonwealth Science Council which advises the government on the high-level scientific challenges which Australia faces. The creation of the Office of Innovation and Science was announced as a part of the government National Innovation and Science Agenda-NISA. Its reports are available on the following link:

Sectorial scientific reports published by the Australian Academy of Science’s committees

The Australian Academy of Science calls on committees of researchers by scientific sectors to analyze their scientific sector. It publishes these strategic analyses in the form of ten-year plans, reports or publications.

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