Overview of French strategy

French research priorities:

- The White Paper on higher education and research (2017) was presented to Najat Vallaud -Belkacem, the Minister of National Education, Higher Education and Research and to Thierry Mandon, State Secretary for Higher Education and Research on January 31, 2017. The paper offers a review of the first steps implemented for the national research strategy and the national higher education strategy. It highlights possible future issues and prioritizes the actions that are part of the 10-year strategies. It also establishes a budgetary program on a short and middle term basis, for the implementation of the research and higher education strategies. The national research strategy is oriented towards the innovation and the valorization of research results that help our society, but also towards the scientific, technical and industrial culture.

- The Large Investment Plan PIA 3 includes €10 billion, integrated into the Grand Investment Plan (2017), which includes funding:
- For higher education and research: €2.9 billion
- Exploitation of research: €3 billion
- Innovation and business development: €4.1 billion;
The programme also allocates €500 million for local actions in close cooperation between the State and the French regions.
The entire programme of investment for the Future (PIA 1, PIA 2 and PIA 3) has been assessed in July 2019

- France Europe 2020, a strategic agenda (2013): The stake in the France Europe Agenda 2020 is to allow French research, in all its diversity, to answer 10 big scientific, technological, economic and societal challenges of the coming decades.

- Industrie du futur-Industry of the future (2015): The project Industry of the Future, launched by the President of the French Republic François Hollande on April 14 2015, will play an essential role in the second phase of the initiative ‘New Industrial France’ with the objective of enabling each company to modernize its industrial tools and to change its economic model through modern technology.

- The national roadmap for research infrastructures (2018): In order to provide the Minister of National Education, Higher Education and Research with the necessary tools to manage main research instruments, a centralized spreadsheet of the main French research infrastructures was created for the first time in 2008. It was then further updated in 2012, 2016. and 2018

- The state of higher education and research in France (2019) assesses the French system of higher education and research in order to get statistics and gauge its place on an international level in comparison to other education systems. This allows for the possibility of following the evolution of the French education system in the long term.

- The innovation Report in France (2016):
This report allows us to view France’s innovation capacity in comparison to the rest of the world, thanks to 30 indicators.

Main French research actors:

- French research organisations

The French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) is a major actor of the structuration of the bilateral science and innovation cooperation through its collaborative structures with Australia:

1 International Research Laboratory (IRL) France-Australia labellised by the CNRS

o IRL on Human-Machin interaction and autonomous systems : CNRS - Univ South Australia, Flinders Univ, Univ of Adelaide - Naval Group : signed in February 2019 for the development of a common structure on the autonomous systems, human factors and artificial intelligence

7 International Research Project (IRP) France-Australia labellised by the CNRS

o IRP ALPhFA : Ecole Centrale Lyon -RMIT : nanotechnologies and photonics - Renewed in January 2018- ends in December 2021
o IRP CANECEV : Univ Montpellier -Deakin Univ : Roles of cancer in Ecology and Evolution - January 2016- December 2020
o IRP FUMA : Paris Saclay -ANU : Fundamental Mathematics, Analysis and Geometry - Renewed in January 2018- ends in December 2020
o IRP REDOCHROM : Univ Toulouse - COMUE Bretagne - ANU- UWA : Redox-active and multipolar organometallic assemblies for photonics and molecular electronics - January 2016- December 2020
o IRP GeoDeSic : Univ Grenoble -Univ Melbourne : Geometry Driven Signal and Image Processing - January 2016- December 2020
o IRP Cancers Resistance: Univ Lyon -Univ of Melbourne : Characterize intratumor heterogeneity to improve targeting of plasticity and cancer cell renewal - July 2017- July 2020
o IRP APICOLIPID : Univ Grenoble - Univ Melbourne : Membrane biogenesis in Apicomplexa parasites, causing agents of malaria and toxoplasmosis - Janary 2018 - December 2021

1 International Research Network (IRN) France-Australia labellised by the CNRS

o IRN FACES : French-Australian research network on Conversion and Energy Storage - ICMPE-Thiais, ICMCB-Bordeaux, IEM-Montpellier, IMN-Nantes, FEMTO-ST-Franche Comté, IMS-Bordeaux, LAPLACE-Toulouse et AMPERE-Lyon, The University of New South Wales, Deakin University, University of South Australia, and Flinders University : signed in February 2019 to build a research network on Energy production, storage and grid, particularly electrochemical storage and the hydrogen energy chain.


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