Pacific Fund - Call for projects launched for 2017

A call for projects is launched by the permanent Secretariat for the Pacific, with the view to select projects susceptible to be subsidized in 2017, by the "Fund for economic, social and cultural cooperation for the Pacific ", or Pacific Fund (FP). Created in 1985 by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development (MAEDI), it contributes to the regional insertion of French communities: New Caledonia, French Polynesia and islands Wallis and Futuna.

In 2016, 4 selected projects had an Australian partner:

1- Economic exchanges between Australia, New Zealand and French Polynesia - Research and development
Lead institute: James Cook University
Pacific Fund financial contribution: 15 000 euros

2- Sustainable production of insectifuges - Research and development
Pacific Fund financial contribution: James Cook University, partner: university of New Caledonia,
Pacific Fund financial contribution: 10 000 euros

3- Governance and Development - University Cooperation
Lead institute: The Australian National University, in partnership with the EHESS(FRENCH SCHOOL FOR ADVANCED STUDIES IN THE SOCIAL SCIENCES)
Contribution: 50 000 euros

4- Mobile applications and health - Research and development / Health
Lead institute: The University of Sydney, in partnership with the University of New Caledonia
Pacific Fund financial: 30 000 euros

Call for projects 2017

Projects submitted for this call by Australian partners shall be submitted to the Embassy of France in Australia, by November the 21st, 2016 (12 am Canberra time). The average financial contribution of the Pacific Fund is 30.000$ per project. To be eligible, the selected projects will have to fit one of the following fields:

• Project allowing the French communities to be associated with the fight against climate change and with the risk prevention of disasters. Projects contributing to the respect for the obligations of States as well as to the implementation of the decisions which were taken in the COP 21 as well as of those who will be during the COP 22 will be particularly appreciated.

Economic and industrial project (studies of feasibility, impact, training initiatives…)

Sanitary safety project (fight against the endemic diseases (non-contagious or transmitted by infectious vectors)

Food safety project (management of halieutic resources, actions with great potential of economic development and increase of the regional exchanges).

Beyond these themes, preference will be given to the projects underlining communication efforts, measure of efficiency, follow-up by indicators and outcomes in mid and long terms.

Please note that :

- The projects must be co-financed at least at 50 % of the total amount of the eligible expenses
- The Pacific Fund is meant to initiate projects and not to support the development of a project through time. In case you foresee that the project you are submitting might lead to a potential re-application later on, this has to be mentioned from the start.
- The projects submitted by Australian partners have to send by email at the service of cooperation and cultural action of the Embassy of France in Canberra (, and their description must be drafted in French –for Australian partners

To apply or for any request, thank you for contacting us at:

For more information about Pacific Fund, and to access to the forms for projects (in French and in English), please consult:

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