‘People and Climate Change – Science from Europe’ – Public Forum

‘People and Climate Change: Science from Europe’ – Public Forum 8 September 2014

The University of Melbourne’s recently established European Union Centre on Shared Complex Challenges is holding a public forum on Monday 8 September to mark Climate Day, a joint day of climate action by the governments of the United Kingdom, Germany and France.

Climate Day in Europe celebrates global efforts around the world in preparation for an ambitious, achievable and sustainable global deal on climate at the 21st Conference of the Parties (COP 21) in Paris in November 2015.

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Event details:

‘People and Climate Change: Science from Europe’
Date: Monday 8 September 2014
Time: 6.00pm-7.30pm
Venue: Woodward Conference Centre, Level 10, Melbourne Law School, 185 Pelham Street

Please register to attend this free event.
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Co-hosted by the Australian-German College of Climate and Energy Transitions, the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute at the University of Melbourne in collaboration with the German Embassy, the Embassy of France and the British High Commission, the forum on ‘People and Climate Change –Science from Europe’ will feature the Australian launch of the UK Met Office report on the ‘Human Dynamics of Climate Change’ and presentations by two distinguished Australian climate scientists of German and French heritage:

Associate Professor Malte Meinshausen (Director, Australian-German College of Climate & Energy Transitions) will unpack the 5th report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and insights in relation to carbon budgets and future emission trajectories.

Dr Bertrand Timbal (Centre for Australian Weather and Climate Research – a partnership between the Bureau of Meteorology and CSIRO) will outline the implications of global climate projections at a regional scale and the potential impacts for South-Eastern Australia.

The event is moderated by Professor John Wiseman (Deputy Director, Melbourne Sustainable Societies Institute) who will also chair the subsequent Q&A session.

For more information download the event flyer:

PDF - 599.2 kb
(PDF - 599.2 kb)

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