RMIT Student wins the 2015 Campus France Australie raffle

A student and employee at RMIT, Ms Padma Priya Padmalochanan, has won the 2015 Campus France Australie raffle. The raffle was launched during the Australian universities’ Study Abroad fairs in April 2015 and had proved very popular with students on 12 university campuses in Western Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, and the ACT.

The winner of the raffle was selected by lot in May 2015. Padma Priya was able to select a French luxury perfume of her choice. Her prize was awarded to her, along with some Campus France Australie goodies and some flyers about higher education in France, by the Campus France Australie Contact Officer in Melbourne, Ms Adèle Bouet.


Dernière modification : 17/09/2015

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