Search for post-doctoral candidates to apply for a 3-years position in our Research team funded by the European program Agreenskills.

JPEG AgreenSkills and AgreenSkills+ ( are postdoctoral fellowship programmes co-funded by the European Union and based at INRA (French National Institute for Agronomical Research), in collaboration with the research and higher education consortium, Agreenium. The objective of these programs is to attract young high quality candidates in INRA laboratories.

The programmes promote international mobility for experienced young and independent researchers to develop challenging basic or targeted research projects in the fields of agriculture, environment, food and nutrition, and animal health. AgreenSkills and AgreenSkills+ boast:
• Applicant-friendly eligibility criteria
• Attractive conditions
• A transparent selection process
• Joint responsibility for labs and fellows tos assure high-quality research projects
• Careful attention to the ethical principles in research.
The objective of this advertising is to find candidates with profiles of genetist and genomist with an interest for sex determinism (non “avianists” are also very welcome). Our expectation is to support her/his application on a research program (2-3 years) concerning the avian facultative parthenogenesis.

The context of the project is related to the fact that the productions of meat and eggs among domestic avian species are widely dependent on the sex of animals. If spawners would only generate a single sex, a breakthrough innovation would be made to production systems, and would avoid the massive destruction of chicks, reduce food cost and wastes thanks to rational diets optimized for one sex.

The ambition of the project is to create an avian model to study the capacity to produce only males. This model will exploit a natural genetic property of the birds, the facultative parthenogenesis that allows the production of males from virgin females. This model will thereafter be used to elucidate the genetic determinism of facultative parthenogenesis, then on the long term, to verify the possibilities to integrate this feature in avian production systems and its economic reliability.

In summary, Agreeskills programs supply 2-3 years positions with a Salary net that is 40% over the normal salary in France ( 2450 €/month). Possibilities to extend beyond 2 years exist (decision to take at the end of the first year in order to apply for more). The candidate must apply with the support of the lab receiving them (publication CV is important, not in number of paper but in IF level)
Yves Bigot

Contact: Tel : +33 247427566
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