Call for applications - Pacific Funds 2023 [fr]

Deadline for applications : 22 November 2022

A call is launched by the Pacific Permanent Secretariat to support projects in 2023 from the “Pacific Fund for Economic, Social and Cultural Cooperation”, known as the Pacific Funds (PF). The selected projects must contribute to the regional integration of French communities (New Caledonia, French Polynesia and the Wallis and Futuna islands) and develop regional cooperation with the Oceanian States. These are not in principle bilateral projects.

Projects led by an Australian partner can be submitted to the Embassy of France in Australia.
Particular attention will be given to projects under one of the following themes:
• Projects enabling French communities to fight against climate change and to prevent disaster risks.
• Economic projects implementing French communities skills and competences or benefiting them and contributing to the strengthening of economic exchanges at the regional level.
• Projects on health security (control of endemic, non-communicable or infectious vector diseases) or food security (management of fisheries resources,...).

Besides these themes, preference will be given to projects that advance equality between men and women.

Projects must be co-funded up to at least 50 % of the total eligible expenditure.

Maximum support from the Pacific Fund is €100,000 per project.

The purpose of the Pacific Fund is to initiate projects, not to support the development of a long-term project. In case you anticipate that the project you are submitting may lead to a potential new application in the future, this should be indicated at the outset.

Projects submitted by Australian partners should be sent by e-mail to the Cooperation and Cultural Action Service of the Embassy of France in Australia (, and their description must be in French.

To apply, you must fill the Project form
... and the Budget framework

To send your applicationor for any request, please contact us at:

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