Statement by H. E. Christophe Lecourtier, Ambassador of France to Australia following the recent events in Paris

Statement by H. E. Christophe Lecourtier, Ambassador of France to Australia, following the recent events in Paris:

This dreadful terrorist attack has targeted not only the people of my country, but our values, the universal values that we share with Australia: Freedom of expression and Freedom of the press.

Some of the most famous French cartoonists, who have been part of my entire life, have been cravenly murdered. Along with them, 2 policemen were also killed.

Be sure that France and its people will react strongly to such a barbarous act.

People in all major French cities rallied yesterday evening, 100 000 in Paris and tens of thousands in major French cities.

There is a strong feeling of unity among political parties.

There is obviously strong support from our allies, and many citizens of the world that understand what is being threatened.

Immediate action has been taken by the President of the French Republic. Only a few hours after the attack, the terrorists were identified. They are what we call Foreign fighters, who have connection with the Islamic networks.

Special forces are tracking them and I do hope that they will be able to arrest them very quickly and bring them to justice./.

Dernière modification : 17/03/2020

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