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Covid 19

Are the programs going ahead despite the pandemic?
- Metropolitan France: Yes, participants must travel to France. If you have health concerns or would not be willing to travel during the current context, it is not recommended you apply.
- New Caledonia / Wallis+Futuna: No. These regions have indicated that they will not pursue recruitment for the program in 2021.

General Questions

When will applications open?
- Metropolitan France: Applications generally open around December for a contract beginning in October of the next calendar year.
- New Caledonia / Wallis+Futuna: Applications generally open around July for a contract beginning in March of the next calendar year.

I’ve never done a DELF test and I’m not sure what my official French level is. Can I still apply?
- Yes. Your French teacher will identify your French level on their appraisal form.

Who can fill out my appraisal form?
- The teacher’s appraisal form (fiche d’appreciation) must be filled out by a qualified French teacher. If you do not currently have a French teacher (ie you stopped studying French in high school,) you should reach out to one who has taught you previously. You can solicit this appraisal from any qualified French teacher who knows you well enough to be able to evaluate your current level of French - It can be done by your French teacher from high school, Alliance Française or tutoring service, providing they are a qualified teacher. A French-speaking friend or uncertified tutor cannot complete this appraisal. If you have no current teacher but do have a DELF certificate, you may submit this instead. If you have more than one professor who could recommend you for the program, you can submit more than one form
If you are still unable to submit anything for the fiche d’appreciation, please contact education.canberra-amba@diplomatie.gouv.fr before submitting your application.

I’m learning French and I should catch up to a B1 level by the time I get to France. Can I still apply?
- You must be at a B1 level at the time of application, as indicated on your appraisal form. Although living in immersion in France is a great opportunity to improve your own language skills, your role is to help teach pupils English (not the other way around!) If you’re at an A1 or A2 level, you’re encouraged to keep learning and apply for a future round.

I’m not currently enrolled at uni. Am I eligible?
- The language assistants program run by France Education International and the Embassy of France is specifically designed for university students. In some cases you may still be able to apply if you have recently graduated or are between degrees – please contact education.canberra-amba@diplomatie.gouv.fr to verify your eligibility.

I’m a qualified teacher/I am over the age limit. Can I apply?
- This is a program of youth exchange and work experience; as such it is specifically designed for university students with little teaching experience, with the objective of allowing them a formative experience under the guidance of a professional French teacher. It is an opportunity for young adults to gain some professional work experience before graduating, and is not designed for qualified teachers. The program is also part of the French ministry’s strategy of promoting international student mobility. For more information please see France Education International.

Can I print the application form and fill it out by hand?
- Please use a PDF reader (Adobe Acrobat or similar) to type your responses and select from options in drop-down menus. Pease see Annexe 4 of the form regarding digital signatures.

My completed application file is too large to send by email. Can I send a cloud storage link?
- No. The size of the documents attached to the pdf must remain below 5MB. Please compress or reduce the resolution of your passport, enrolment or transcript scans.

Do I have to pay for an academic transcript?
- Certain universities provide a statement of results or unofficial academic transcript for free. Please see acceptable examples here. If your university cannot provide any of the suitable documents, you must buy a transcript. Screenshots of your grades online will not be accepted.

Can you offer advice/feedback on my application?
- No. Due to the large number of applications, we cannot offer any feedback to individuals before or after submission.

I didn’t hear from my French teacher in time to submit my application before the deadline - Can I still apply?
- No. Please ensure you commence the application process as early as possible. Late applications are not accepted.

I’m not sure I’ll be available for the period indicated. Can I still apply?
- No. Before applying for the program, you must verify that you will be available for the entire period of the contract – these dates cannot be changed. If you withdraw at any time after submitting an application, you will be disqualified from reapplying.

  • Verify that you are able to defer your university course if your application is successful
  • Verify that you have sufficient finances to support yourself for seven months
  • Verify that your family and job situation will allow you to be away for seven months
  • You may also want to check whether you could get credit for the program towards your degree as a bonus

How likely is it that I will get placed in my city of preference?
- Your preference for a region will certainly be considered in your successful application and your placement within an académie, who then receive your dossier.
However we cannot guarantee you get your preference, so please do not to apply for the program if your primary reason for staying in France is outside the language assistants program (ie to be with your partner/friends/family, to enrol in a course at university etc). Any candidate who withdraws because they didn’t get the region they wanted will not be considered again.

Can I leave Australia early to take a holiday before the contract begins?
- Please leave any holiday plans until after the end of your contract. Non-European citizens must obtain a visa in Australia before leaving the country. The date of validity of your visa will correspond closely with the beginning of your activity in France. If you book flights to arrive before your visa period, or if you book to leave Australia before you have received your visa, the Embassy will not be able to help.

Can I travel around Europe outside my time working as an assistant?
- Yes. During your contract, your visa will allow you to travel within Europe.
In addition to this, Australian citizens have the right to travel as a tourist within Europe for up to 90 days within a 180-day period. When your visa expires, you must exit the Schengen zone and re-enter as a tourist if you wish to make use of this 90-day visa waiver for Australian citizens.

When I’m a language assistant, can I have another part-time job?
- No. For more information please see http://www.education.gouv.fr/pid285/bulletin_officiel.html?cid_bo=101887

Can I study while working as an assistant?
- Assistants have a specific visa which doesn’t permit other jobs or activities. You may be able to attend courses at a uni; but without getting a qualification. Please approach the International Student office of the university to find out whether this is possible.

Can you give me some advice about flights / accommodation / visas / insurance / immigration?
- Information on all the above will be given to successful candidates after their placement decision.
- Please note that successful candidates must attend a visa appointment which may require you to travel from your hometown (non-European citizens). For more visa information please visit France Visas
- Please consider the costs associated with purchasing flights, accommodation, visas, insurance and immigration before you apply.

Can my partner join me in France while I participate in the program?
- Yes, but they will also be subject to their own individual visa conditions and we will not be able to offer any extra advice or support for their situation. Please consider that the salary of an assistant is not sufficient to support dependents. Please do not apply if your participation is conditional on a third party.

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