The French Australian Conversations (FAC) [fr]

The Embassy of France in Australia, in partnership with The Conversation website, has launched a new series of conference debates called The French Australian Conversations (FAC).

The aim of this series, which has been launched on the occasion of the visit to Australia by Jean-Marc Ayrault in March 2017, is to initiate a dialogue between French and Australian academics on the major relevant topics of today.


The Conversation is a website which spreads the word from universities on the major current themes, linking “academic rigour” to “journalistic flair”. It was launched in Australia in 2011 and later France in 2015.

The French Australian Conversations brings contributors from The Conversation France and Australia together, from universities and research organisations in both countries, to share their expertise with the general public.

The FAC is also aimed towards facilitating the development of collaborations between academics from both countries.

First FAC: climate change and sustainable development

- The first conference was dedicated to climate change and sustainable development, and was held at UNSW on the 1st of March 2017.

- For more information: French and Australian experts on solving the world’s sustainability challenge

Second FAC: French political and media landscapes

Organised in partnership with the Alliances françaises of Adelaide, Brisbane and Melbourne, the University of Melbourne and the University of South Australia, the second French Australian Conversations addressed the effects of the recent elections and the resulting evolution of the French political and media landscapes.

They also provide the occasion to compare French and Australian opinions on the impact of social networks in the political-media sphere.

The video and a podcast of the Adelaide FAC are available below:


Click here for the podcast

For more information about the FAC, please contact

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