The French National Order of Merit for Lee Goddard, the Australian commodore of the Royal Australian Navy [fr]

Member of the Australian armed forces since 1987, Lee Goddard had a particularly bright career. He was notably commander aboard the frigates Perth and Parramatta, two of the most important Australian ships. In addition to his multiple operational tasks, the Commodore Goddard always demonstrated a strong interest in International Military relations. Having attended Staff College in the United States, the commodore took part to multiple missions aboard Canadian, American and Malaysian ships.

JPEG Lee Goddard distinguished himself by an active collaboration with the French navy. As the commander of the frigate Perth, he operated alongside French vessels fighting piracy in the Indian Ocean and the Africa Horn. He often took part to the biannual military exercise “Croix du Sud” organised by the French armed forces in New Caledonia. This exercise devotes substantial human and materiel resources, consisting in a training scenario of the multinational commitment of Pacific armed forces in the frame of rescuing missions and in the case of a natural disaster, humanitarian assistance missions in the Pacific. The commodore was also directly involved in the rescuing of French citizens in the Pacific Ocean.

JPEG The commodore Goddard currently holds a responsible position in the Prime Minister cabinet.

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