The French National Science Week celebrated in Australia this year !

For the first time, in 2015, Telopea Park School/le Lycée Franco Australien de Canberra, and Lycée Condorcet, the International French School of Sydney participate in the national edition of the French Science Week. In line with national priorities, the focus for this year’s Science Week will be on the environment, light and new technologies.


Science will be in the limelight in both schools, from October 12th to 16th thanks to the mobilization of the faculty members from both schools. Organized slightly after the National Science Week in France in order to accommodate the Australian school calendar, the Australian edition of the French Science Week will be celebrated between October 12th and 16th through a series of interactive activities proposed to the students, and organized with their active participation.

The key moments of this event are:

  • A series of public mini-conferences organized in both participating schools, featuring Australian scientists but also French researchers living in Australia. These conferences will discuss “Agriculture and Climate Change” (speaker: Dr Pierre Mariotte, University of Sydney), “Egyptian skeletons and mummies: new technologies applied to archaeology” (speaker: Dr Yann Tristant, Macquarie University), “Underwater volcanoes and the West Pacific Ring of Fire” (speaker: Pr. Richard Arculus, Australian National University);


  • A series of mini-conferences organized by two students of Telopea Park School for their peers and a radio talk on a scientific topic by two other students;
  • A series of bilingual scientific experiments bringing together children studying the French science curriculum with their peers studying the Australian science curriculum at Telopea Park School;
  • Experimental workshops organized by primary students at Telopea Park School;
  • Laboratory visits for high school students: the UNSW Water Research Lab, the University of Sydney Charles Perkins Centre, and the ANU Research School of Biology;
  • - An open day at the Lycée Conforcet, during which students will present scientific experiments to the public, particularly on the topic of Light;


The youngest students (Kindergarten and primary school) will also take part in this French Science Week, through two Puppet Show performances. These events are organized for them by partner institution and event sponsor Questacon, a major Australian actor in the fields of science communication and education for primary and secondary students, and innovative STEM education in Australia.

The French Embassy, through its Cultural and Scientific section, would like to thank both schools and partner institution Questacon for their mobilization and support. Fostering curiosity towards Science among young children and, more broadly, supporting the development of scientific skills is indeed a key component of building the knowledge-based societies both Australia and France aim to represent.

Dernière modification : 15/10/2015

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