The French Navy Chief of Staff, Christophe Prazuck was in Sydney to attend the 2017 Pacific International Maritime Exhibition [fr]

The Major Chief of the French Navy, Christophe Prazuck took part to the Pacific 2017 International Maritime Exhibition from October 2nd to October 5th. Very solicited, he gave an interview to Australian Medias, during which he showcased the French Australian maritime cooperation. According to him, this cooperation will be tightened by the submarine contract in the future

He told local media that “France is today with The United States, Germany and The United Kingdom, one of the four most important countries in the field of maritime cooperation with Australia”.

He announced that an Australian Navy officer is currently under his service in Paris, and hailed the impressive increase of French military stopovers in Australia (from New Caledonia) over the last years. He emphasized as well the numerous joint exercises between both countries.

Asked about a potential conjoint military mission between both countries in the Pacific Ocean, he pointed out that so far, no military exercise was in sight. Nonetheless, he reminded that, more than ever, France is directly concerned by territorial rows in the South China Sea. At last, the CEMM talked about the important role of Australia in helping France to improve its global strategy to fight piracy and illegal traffic. About 10 years ago, France had drawn on Australian military strategy against drug traffickers in the Pacific Ocean.

Dernière modification : 11/12/2017

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