This year I’m off to France to learn French! [fr]

Whether for a long or short stay, in Paris or in the regions, for beginners or those with specific learning goals, many training centres are available to provide you with the package that suits your needs!


I simply choose my programme and set off to discover French regions with Immersion France.

Download the Immersion France app

- a free, multilingual, easily accessible app for mobiles and tablets;

- a catalogue listing the best selection of learning centres in France: Qualité Français Langue Étrangère label, Qualité Unosel label, Qualité Office contract and centres which are members of the Campus France forum;

- help with organizing a made-to-measure stay;

- an interactive map to discover French regions;

- over 100 promotional photos and videos;

- hundreds of holidays offering French language and gastronomy classes, sightseeing trips and training

I can choose my short-stay programme and my summer school with Campus France

I can choose from the short-stay programmes and the summer schools listed on the Campus France website

Over 300 programmes to choose from, listed by:
- region: sea or mountain, city or country
- season: summer or winter
- field: Arts, culture, environment, human and social sciences, and the list goes on (over 32 different fields)
- required level of studies
- certification
- activities: tourism, gastronomy/oenology, sport, arts

I can be sure of excellent quality with the Qualité français langue étrangère label

The guarantee of high-quality classes and services: the Qualité français langue étrangère label

This label is the result of a quality-assurance process taken by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs. It aims to identify, recognize and promote the French language learning centres whose high-quality of teaching and services are guaranteed.

Travelling to France

All foreign nationals can apply for a visa to study French in France without necessarily having a study project upon completion of their French language course.

1. I am mainly travelling for the purposes of study

• I will be staying for less than three months: if I am a national of a country which requires a short-stay visa, I can apply for a short-stay study visa.

• I will be staying for more than three months and my training will lead to a recognized academic or vocation qualification: I can apply for a long-stay study visa which also serves as a residence permit (VLS-TS, 4-12 months) or a temporary long-stay visa (VLS-T, 4-12 months).

2. My studies in France are not recognized and are a secondary activity

My language study holiday will not lead to an academic or vocational qualification, or my language school does not meet the criteria set out in the law.

- Mon séjour dure moins de trois mois : si je suis ressortissant d’une nationalité soumise à visa de court séjour, je peux demander un visa de court séjour pour visite privée.

- I will be staying for more than three months: I can apply for a long-stay visa which also serves as a visitor residence permit (VLS-TS visitor visa) or a temporary long-stay visitor visa (VLS-T, 4-12 months). Another option: a working holiday visa, if I am a national of a country which has signed such an agreement with France.

For further information, I can see the “Coming to France” section or the Campus France website.

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