VAT (value added tax) refund / PABLO

The PABLO application, implemented on January 1st 2014, allows a tax refund process without the obligation of presenting yourself to the customs counter for stamping.

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Duty-free forms can be endorsed afterwards (extraordinary and derogatory procedure)

If you did not have the chance to get your form stamped by the customs when you left the UE, you can ask afterwards for an extraordinary and derogatory regularization of your forms, using a document you must ask to the French Consulate in Sydney and which proves that your goods are in Australia.

The goods mentioned on the form must have been purchased the same day in the same shop and must cost more than 175 euros VAT.

How to prepare your request

First, the buyer must send an email to and attach the following documents:

  • His passport,
  • His boarding card,
  • The receipt and/or credit card receipt,
  • The tax refund forms,
  • A letter in French explaining why he could not proceed to the duty-free.

If the file is complete, the Consulate-General of France in Sydney will contact him.

Goods checking and release of the certificate

On the day of your appointment at the Consulate, the buyer must bring :

  • His passport (no photocopy),
  • His boarding card (no photocopy),
  • The tax refund forms (no photocopy),
  • The receipt and/or credit card receipt (no photocopy),
  • An original letter in French explaining why he could not proceed to the duty-free,
  • His credit card (Visa or Mastercard)*,
  • The goods unused, in their original packaging and with the price tag still attached.

* The certificate by the Consulate implies chancellery fees (27€ per form, to be paid in Australian dollars). Click here to see all the prices.

NB : Each form requires a separate certificate and separate payment.

Duty-Free refund

This is a derogatory procedure and the release of a certificate does not guarantee that the French customs will give you a refund.

Indeed, as soon as you get your certificate, you will have to send your file to the French customs which alone has the authority to accept or decline your request of duty-free refund.

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